OK: first of all, I’ll admit that the premise behind this blog isn’t exactly original, but it is a heck of an idea anyway. So credit where it’s due – the original came from Matthew Perpetua and his pretty darn superb Pop Songs 08 blog on R.E.M. I recommend it highly.

So yes, the idea is to write about every U2 album track, with possibly most of the B-sides and other non-album tracks (or at least, the B-sides I have). And like the primary inspiration, there isn’t really a deadline as such. As for U2, they were the first band I ever listened to with any seriousness, so naturally they’re the first-choice band to write about.  Given the frequent differences in opinion, here is probably the place to reveal where I sit ‘ideologically’, so to speak, with U2 – I’m not a Christian (and no proselytysing, please), so naturally October is bottom of the album league, and I am naturally 90s-centric with respect to discography (weird as this sounds, I pretty much discovered electronica through U2, which lead to Radiohead’s Kid A, and on to Autechre and Matmos – yes, deeply, deeply bizarre). If you wish to know my biases in more detail, see the “Until The End of the World” page (not post; the page is much longer, and isn’t about the song).

Essentially, the form, style and other aspects of writing are an open book. Any given song entry might be informational, descriptive, a review or whatever.

I also make music, the newest piece of which can be listened to here. It doesn’t sound that much like U2, mind…


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