I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight

WARNING: As a still-current song, opinion may yet change and significant alterations to the post may occur as said opinion changes or new details emerge.

NOTE: I aim to add polls to all the other songs as and when I can be bothered to.  If you particularly want to vote on a song that has no poll, just comment on said song and it’ll move up the queue.

A song announced to the sound of a million bloggers murmuring “wow, shit title”. Really, it should’ve been cut down to “Crazy Tonight”, or even just “Crazy”, although the latter may have been a little generic. Lyrically and musically, though, this is the closest NLOTH, as it is now doomed to be abbrievated to forevermore, comes to HTDAAB, and even here there are differences. Lyrically there’s a notably less platidunous tone; whilst Bono is pushing it with some lines – We’re gonna make it all the way to the light – some lines are more questioning than 2004’s comforts and certainties – Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear (you suspect that on Bomb that line would’ve started “it is”). And as if by way of explanation for the title, there’s the blatant line The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear. Like “Boots”‘ I don’t wanna talk about wars between nations line, Bono’s finally translating the self-deprecation of his interviews into his lyrics, and whilst he can make a bit too much of a point about it (it’s essentially a notable part of three songs off the album), it’s still a good move. Similarly, It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain is actually oddly cynical considering the way it’s sung, but like We get to carry each other, it’s one of those not-actually-hippie-once-you-think-about-it sentiments.

As implied earlier, this is almost certainly the least radical song off NLOTH, and similarly one of, if not the weakest song(s) on the disc too as a consequence, but that doesn’t mean it’s utterly devoid of merit. Perhaps one of the best moments is in the pre-chorus, where the song briefly drops, the kick drums thud quickly into a roll and the bass fuzzes ominously, suggesting that some sort of rumbling metal thrash is due, but in a nice bit of bait-and-switch we’re given our original song direction back. It’s perhaps this, more than anything, that makes NLOTH such an improvement over its predecessor – even the dullest songs on here don’t go with the most painfully obvious choice. In a league of U2 album tracks, “IGCIIDGCT” (pronounciation: rip larynx out with right hand via anus) would perhaps be mid-table, but it’s encouraging that at least eight or nine other songs surrounding it beat it.


~ by 4trak on February 23, 2009.

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