Are You Gonna Wait Forever?

Sounding like a cross between “All Because of You” and “Original of the Species”, and b-siding “Vertigo”, “Are You Gonna Wait Forever” confirmed what “Vertigo” suggested about HTDAAB; namely, that it’d be the most 80s-orientated U2 album post-1980s, and that the album would have a higher proportion of rockers. All of this suggests that the song is a microcosm of the album it was left off, which is reasonably if not entirely accurate. There is both the delayed ring (verses, mostly) and the distorted fuzz (intro, outro and choruses, mostly) that turns up across Bomb‘s tracks both with regularity, and there’s also the vague hint of technological influence that proved the “return to Boy” PR to be somewhat hollow (particularly the low-pass filtered, reverbed “forever”).

Lyrically, the song seems slightly lifted from a self-help manual at times, probably the biggest barrier to album inclusion, with a general seize-the-moment message that doesn’t really (ironically) seize the four-minute moment to come up with anything too profound. Overall, though, many of the best songs from Bomb were ones of focus (the same is sometimes true of U2 songs generally) – taking one set of ideas and running with it. AYGWF, however, seems somewhat overthought, It isn’t really as distinct as the other songs mentioned previously. Still, no 2000s U2 b-side has been an outright stinker, where it hasn’t simply been a live cut (live tracks seemingly being the new remixes, so to speak), and this isn’t an exception. Quite good, although wise editing being exercised as well.


~ by 4trak on August 7, 2008.

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