The truly exclusive U2 track to the Million Dollar Hotel OST, and indeed the Million Dollar Hotel film, “Stateless” sounds partly like it was in fact recorded during the early-to-mid stages of ATYCLB‘s years-long process, but also almost exactly like its title. The song isn’t a drastically shifting multi-sectioned piece a la Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”, for example, but it does seem to move onwards and upwards, willing for change. Even when drums properly kick in, there isn’t a sudden sharpening or clarity that such an introduction would suggest – instead, the whole thing continues to drift forwards. With the final verse (incidentally, with no proper chorus arising) there’s a sense that something locks into place, the whole song builds, and then burns out.

The lyrics are obviously designed to fit the themes of MDH itself; this means themes of slightly obsessive love (Just you and you are not mine), of uncertainty (I’ve got no home in this world), of being unable to find meaning amongst superficiality (There are no colors in your eye…). And where the film is, at times, somewhat confusing, “Stateless” as a song allows through its medium (and subsequent timespan) to streamline the complex ideas of the film, which results in lyrics that straddle Zooropa and Pop thematically, whilst adding a slightly edgier ATYCLB feel (certainly, it’s more ethereal, and has more blatant use of keyboards and whirring, distorted guitar tones within that mix). A very solid song, then – probably not quite a certifiable Classic, but too obscure for what it is.


~ by 4trak on August 1, 2008.

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