Big Girls Are Best

We all have the measure of U2 now. They’re smug, holier-than-thou bastards – especially Bono – singing, with grim-set faces, hectoring us all about the pain of poverty, the evils of war, the importance of God, and the joy of MILFs. Look at him, in his probably-overpriced shades, annoying us all with his preaching about getting with an experienced woman (…oh so spriritual…) as if it’s as good and noble as the struggle against drugs in “Bad”. Even then, he’s whining about her kids (Those little girls are a pest). Disgraceful. I bet in five minutes he’ll be banging on about Africa again, having secured a mature lady of his own. Hypocrite.

More seriously, “Big Girls Are Best” is probably one of the most bewildering, odd and stark raving bonkers songs U2 have possibly made, ever. The fact that it turned up on an ATYCLB single, whilst being a Pop outtake, means that within its context it is, well, out of context. And the fact that it has the energy that everything else from the Pop era lacks also confuses; was this at the beginning of the sessions, or some point afterwards but didn’t fit the album? It sounds more organic than much of that album and era, too, as if it could have come about then, but probably didn’t. Quite simply, it’s hard to see how this came about during the mid-to-late 1990s (it’s also odd how Bono’s voice does well here, considering his troubles during that time), but either way it turned up, and it’s a good thing it did. It shows a side to the band that needn’t turn up too often, but ought to be shown. Because yes, this is still the same, supposedly over-serious guy in shades campaigning about Africa, or more accurately the best way to repudiate it.


~ by 4trak on July 25, 2008.

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