I’m Not Your Baby (Skysplitter Dub)

Until The End of the World (1991), Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (1993), Beyond The Clouds (1995), The End of Violence (1997), and Million Dollar Hotel (2000) – U2’s ties with Wim Wenders were remarkably consistent throughout the 1990s, and it seemed that Mr. Wenders was often making a film around the same time U2 needed to nick a song title. With The End of Violence, U2 teamed up with Sinead O’Connor, whose efforts are completely wiped by Howie B’s reworking of the resulting song on the “Please” single. That said, it’s worth citing this remix (well, to be fair it’s a dub, and there’s a fair difference) for particular reasons, namely that it doesn’t simply stick a riff and some fragmented vocals over a house beat.

In particular, there’s the way that applying dub effects reveal, in particular, how ghostly Edge’s guitar can sound, with distortion wavering in from different speakers as various notes shimmer above it all. Blips and rattles and hums filter through it all, along with fragmentary piano. Add a swinging rhythm section, and it all makes for an interesting track – certainly more so than the one with lyricsBaby sham and handy cam? Really? Hmm. In any event, even as it’s a near six minute chunk of U2 mucked about with, it remains an interesting artifact, a kind of worn cave-painting of U2 circa 1997.


~ by 4trak on July 12, 2008.

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