One of the most atmospheric songs from October, and as a result one of the most successful. Jazz-like bass, guitar that vaguely precursors later songs such as “Desire”, and drums that are possibly more effective for being simpler than most of the beats on the rest of the album. The use of Uilleann pipes is a good addition to the arrangement, too, allowing the song to sound different without ending up cheesy and campishly Celtic. Instead, we get something deeply spacious and ambient, not entirely unlike The Unforgettable Fire, or the opening to some Passengers songs (or, just to invoke some seriously weird comparisons, the intro to “Insomnia” by Faithless). It then rips up into a proper rock song halfway through, which further adds to the song – unlike much of the album, which at times is just too much Boy v. 2.0.

Inevitably the God theme returns – Open up, open up to the lamb of God/To the love of he who made the blind to see – yet this time it’s kept to a minimum, which suggests where U2 would go on later albums; instead of the hammering rhetoric of Praise The Lord, Motherfuckers, many later songs either utilise the odd Bible verse or mention God as a brief aside to the main point. Indeed, it’s possibly because this song has a main point, Bono’s mother’s funeral. Overall, it’s the song of the album that shows U2 were, perhaps, already moving on.


~ by 4trak on July 2, 2008.

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