Viva Davidoff

With only one single from the Passengers project, there’s only one proper b-side that arises from it too. It’s oddly named – seemingly championing a brand of cigarrettes, perfume and random luxury things – and it’s odd in its conception too. Instrumental, it’s still musical, but sounds like the individual elements have been wrenched apart. The individual textures and tones suggest either Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s F#A#infinity, or possibly, at a stretch, a more ambient passage of Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero. But where those albums feature rich productions with a strong drive behind, forcing themselves onwards from piece to piece, “Viva Davidoff” floats, sirens wailing, a clanking beat starting and stopping, ambient tones fading in and out, all sounding suspenseful yet somewhat lovely at the same time.

Does any of this work? I’d say yes; certainly more so than the similar but much more conservative “Plot 180“, which probably should have been dropped from the album in place of this. It’s not a stretch to claim that “Viva Davidoff” has a connection, an austere feel of sorts, to the musique concrete of the 1950s, but it’s far more accessible than that would suggest. It straddles a weird line that gives it intrigue but doesn’t resign it to being a mere curio – certainly, if you can listen to OS1 multiple times, then multiple spins of this shouldn’t be a struggle. Pity it’s such a rarity, then, that’s been in the wilderness for a decade. Luckily, not anymore.


~ by 4trak on June 21, 2008.

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