Bullet The Blue Sky (live)

This is more like it. The original “Bullet The Blue Sky” sounded a little like a band confined in a room, and suffered as a result, but of course they’re now in a stadium, let loose and free with a song quite possibly designed for this environment. In any event, the result in the intro is a bigger thump of the drums, a bigger rattle of bass, a rising wave of feedback and Bono sounding like he really might be in the valleys of Nicaragua, rallying Sandinista rebels. This is, then, quite possibly the most successful live cut from Rattle and Hum, one where Bono’s aside/rant doesn’t sound preachy, but adds to the lyrics, and where the playing sounds more dynamic, fluid and open.

There’s also the placing on the album – as the penultimate track, it’s a balance to the predominantly studio-based second half (second disc on vinyl), but also the final rise upwards before “All I Want Is You”. “The Star Spangled Banner” aside – it is an interlude, after all – the album ends on quite a high.


~ by 4trak on June 21, 2008.

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