Paint It Black

I’m the wrong generation for the Rolling Stones. Those who grew up in the 1960s, or even 1970s, might well have seen them as genuine competitors to the Beatles. But a sizable fraction of a century has passed since then, and whilst the Beatles did the arguably sensible thing of imploding just before they might have starting getting seriously damning reviews (indeed, Let It Be was probably the only album to get such write-ups) and distinctly average albums, the Rolling Stones carried on – a superb choice for monetary and general wellbeing purposes, but scarring on the legacy. Many of those my age or slightly older know them, however justifiably, as a band of orbitally high ticket prices, scarce release schedules, and guitarist-related idiocy.

U2 don’t really turn this around, either – their version sounds like the Stones, if the Stones had done Achtung Baby; the only really noticeable idea is a whirling phase effect on the guitar and vocals, the vocals sound “Fly”-ish whilst the guitar sounds vaguely like a ZooTV version of “Desire”. By altering the song in only an aesthetic way, though, the band has left something that either appeals or doesn’t, depending on where one lies with the Stones. Most amusingly, of course, this song would’ve come out in 1992, when the Rolling Stones themselves hadn’t put out an album in three years, and weren’t about to return that soon either.


~ by 4trak on June 13, 2008.

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