Satellite of Love

Well, what do you b-side “One” with? It’s a tough call, although I can’t say I’d have used a fairly straightforward rendition of Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love”. Apparently about jealousy, it is reasonably fitting for its context. It’s also reasonably low-key, guitar arpeggiating and picking in a manner that slightly foreshadows “In A Little While” just under nine years later. It also allows Bono to make much use of the Fat Lady vocal, that strange falsetto that often turns up in the ZooTV era of 1990-1994. Other than that, though, the orthodoxy of the song, as well as it’s the fact that it’s not exactly a left-field choice of Lou Reed cover, means the song is merely a pleasant four minutes that isn’t vital. That’s not to say they should have done Edge’s bash at side one of Metal Machine Music (given Edge’s love of effects, and especially his use of them around this era, though, he might have made it faintly listenable); it’s more that the song is just too low-key in every sense to be anything other than, well, quite nice.


~ by 4trak on June 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Satellite of Love”

  1. […] 9, 2008 Well, this is interesting. Given that the other cover to b-side “One”, “Satellite of Love“, is pleasant but hardly inspiring, the reasonable listener wouldn’t expect too much […]

  2. […] penchant around the ZooTV era of doing endless and somewhat non-radical covers – see “Satellite of Love“, “Fortunate Son” and “Paint It Black” – as if to reassure Joshua […]

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