Lady With The Spinning Head

The predecessor to “Ultraviolet“, “Lady With The Spinning Head” reveals more about Achtung Baby lyrically than it does musically. The song’s link to its successor is slightly vague, its riff having just about a passing resemblance; in addition, we’re given a guitar solo of the sort Daft Punk would later incorporate into songs like “Aerodynamique”. It’s probably only the rhythm section that really remained, so if you are reminded of “Ultraviolet” whilst listening, it’s primarily due to this undercurrent, typical of the often funk-inflected drumming and more urgent bass that Larry and Adam would adopt through the 1990s.

As for those lyrics, the song is ostensibly about gambling, particularly the sort of gambling who cannot accept defeat, pushing them further into the quagmire they find themselves in, and utterly sure that Whatever the deal/She won’t let me down – the “she” having been explained as Lady Luck. Even with the protagonist’s car repossessed, he’s not going to give up, revealing himself as delusional in the extreme. Lyrically, the song’s fairly blunt and straightforward, which suggests that gambling addiction may have been folded into Achtung Baby‘s other themes of infidelity and dishonesty, possibly making the whole album a rumination on vice generally. This might have been an interesting concept, but evidently the band wrote too many songs structured around similar ideas, leading to the existing album; as such, it’s another of those songs that’s left off an album because it just would not have fitted.


~ by 4trak on June 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Lady With The Spinning Head”

  1. I love it!

  2. Ah, I forgot to mention the Extended Dance Mix. That said, the only real thing to say about it is that it’s extended and dancey.

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