Always Forever Now

The longest song from the entire Passengers project, “Always Forever Now” is also one of the most minimalist, carrying its opening melody well over two minutes into its six and a half minute duration, and the general vibe and tempo keep carrying the same basic feel throughout. Bongos, electronic percussion, synthetic bass, processed vocals and wind chimes, along with what might be the same guitar tone as that used on “Lemon”, all move in and out of the mix. Whilst the song isn’t technically a drum’n’bass number, it does carry the speed and urgency of drum’n’bass, particularly as the beat gathers in complexity towards the end, and the way those electronic bass stabs operate. It all makes for a track that would have been quite impressive and forward-thinking in 1995, but unfortunately this means that, on a certain level, it hasn’t aged well. There’s also a slight weakness in its length – there’s no reason why a minute or two couldn’t be cut from its length.

Like other songs off the Passengers album, particularly “Beach Sequence“, here we have a song with utterly minimal lyrics. Unlike “Beach Sequence”, where the one line has a subtle impact, the repetition of the title here doesn’t seem to mean a great deal – what does “always forever now” mean, anyway? The vocal is also foregrounded, so it’s not like it’s meant to be just another instrument. In the end, “Always Forever Now” winds up as a mass of good ideas that only nearly work perfectly.


~ by 4trak on May 31, 2008.

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