Unchained Melody

The other b-side to “All I Want Is You”, the already fairly epic “Unchained Melody” is made even more epic with U2; in other words, it’s kind of done as you’d expect U2 to cover the song. Again, the same criticism applies to this as “Everlasting Love“, namely that literally hundreds of versions of this song float around on vinyl and CD worldwide. Indeed, it’s more true of this, because with over 500 versions, someone’s probably done an instrumental version on kazoo or something. In any event, U2 don’t really make this song their own, and it’s not really radically different in any way to any other version you might have heard.

One thing that may strike the listener anyway is that the production on it is naturally very late 1980s; the drums have that great, synthetic echoed smack to them that sounds powerful enough on “Still Haven’t Found” but slightly inappropriate here, as if the band (or Larry, at least) is soundtracking 300. The whole thing does, however, carry an unmistakable grandness as it draws to a close, and there’s also that phased distortion in the guitar at the beginning that would later make an appearance on some ZooTV renditions of “Desire”. That alone would make it a decent cover, even as the song doesn’t really justify its existence too well.


~ by 4trak on May 25, 2008.

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