Everlasting Love

I presume this recording is a composite from multiple takes, because I don’t think any guitar can take the kind of manic strumming that starts this song. In any event, Edge’s attempt to play an acoustic guitar somewhere between flamenco and thrash metal is appropriately enthusiastic. Nonetheless, mixed with a kind of weirdly reggae-like electric guitar in the verses, it makes for something different and distinct to a song that’s been covered approximately one squillion times beforehand. With the familiar chiming delay coming through at the end, along with more prominent drums, there’s also a sense that the song is slowly morphing into something more typically U2-like, which is a smart move. Nonetheless, it’s hard not to feel that, as a choice of cover, it’s ridiculously obvious, and there doesn’t seem to be a good reason as to why they’ve done it. The song ended up as a b-side to “All I Want Is You”, and really, it’d be wrong to give it any higher status than that, even if the song is generally good.


~ by 4trak on May 24, 2008.

One Response to “Everlasting Love”

  1. […] as you’d expect U2 to cover the song. Again, the same criticism applies to this as “Everlasting Love“, namely that literally hundreds of versions of this song float around on vinyl and CD […]

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