Hallelujah (Here She Comes)

Once again, it’s a woman-as-force-of-nature song that b-sides “Desire”; appropriately, it’s the cooler version (acoustic and soft electric guitars, organs, plenty of tambourine) of said single’s flaming guitar and roaring vocal. Indeed, the whole thing is really a relatively calm and easy gospel number of sorts, switching between its two refrains of the title and Gonna get higher, higher, higher love. Furthermore, the song quite freely dances around between first, second and third person, which is a nice enough feature even as it throws strong narrative out of the window. It ultimately renders some verses (Born and raised/On the wrong side of town/You get so high/That you can’t come down) a bit useless, too, which gives a disjointed and incomplete feel that stops the song from really coalescing lyrically.

Essentially, the production and style of playing mostly suggests a song generically from the Rattle and Hum era, which is perhaps why the song didn’t end up on the album – in all fairness, it’s not amongst the top 9 of this particular age of U2, and probably due to this. That said, the song does have a thumping and steady drive and, perhaps due to that tambourine, a slight air of Motown about it that simultaneously renders it very Rattle and Hum (due to the retro nature) yet slightly different from it.


~ by 4trak on May 21, 2008.

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