Into The Heart

Clocking in at 1:53 and following on from the long outro of “An Cat Dubh”, it’s hard not to think of “Into The Heart” as merely an extension of that previous track, because it runs from said previous track straight into this one. Bono’s somewhat nebulous lyrics don’t really bely that impression either. Bono explains that he’s still young enough to go into the heart of a child. Edge’s guitar work and Larry’s drumming don’t particularly stand out either, leaving the most remarkable feature on the song to be Adam’s metronomic bass work. It chugs along as if to suggest that whilst the protagonist’s claim of being able to “go back” and feel like a child again is technically true, it may not be so for long; soon he (or possibly she, for that matter) will inevitably enter adulthood, where there isn’t any turning back. That bassline eventually slows and stops decisively, suggesting that the innocence of childhood has finally gone. This mini-song-cum-interlude then leads into “Out of Control”, a musing on birth and death that backs up this impression. Not a bad song, but not substantial in and of itself: it’s more significant within its album context.


~ by 4trak on May 5, 2008.

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  1. […] the band had gone nuts here. There’s also the long outro leading the road out to “Into The Heart” – or at least, that’s the case on American pressings, which mark the track as 6:21 in […]

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