Driving To Midnight Mass On A Dublin Christmas Eve

Aaah, spoken word pieces. Essentially, this is Bono reciting a poem by John F. Dean over bits of what would become “New Year’s Day” and “Endless Deep” (apparently this is from a 1979 bootleg of demos entitled “Driving To Midnight Mass”, which also contained a few future tracks from Boy), as well as sounds of traffic and, in one notable moment, a car crash. Bono essentially sounds like he’s in the back of a car in a pub car park, which may well be where he actually is. Bono reads with a fair amount of passion and enthusiasm, as well as with an articulate vocal rhythm, which gives the piece legitimacy that the opening (“Merry Christmas. This is Bono the singer with U2. This is a poem I’d like to, recite for you by another Irishman, John F. Dean…”) belies. By no means a vital addition (unless you happen to be a bit of a completist anyway), it’s an interesting piece that works well, and at three minutes doesn’t run too long either. A very early form of “Numb”, effectively.


~ by 4trak on May 5, 2008.

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