The Three Sunrises

A kind of “Gloria” rammed up to 11, “The Three Sunrises” start off quiet and ambient, but naturally soon rips into a proper upbeat song. Yet this isn’t the standard October fare – whilst there is that choir-like vocal through, Adam’s bass work seems a lot more prominent and shifting, and Edge’s guitar has this abrasive, juddering feel at points that seems to prefigure “The Fly”. Then there’s Larry’s drumming, which is interesting steady as a rock, almost throughout hitting this steady motorik beat in the vein of Neu! or Can, or for that matter like any other of those 70s German prog bands, again almost a proto-Achtung Baby twist. Overall, this song seems to fit almost exactly between October (1981) and Achtung Baby (1991), and its presence on the Wide Awake In America EP (1985) puts it pretty much there chronologically too.

That said, the lyrics are at points very blunt, seemingly – It’s a love song, love/Love, love song… whether to an individual or to God is a different matter, although the song can be interpreted in a secular manner, because at no point is Jesus, God or the Lord, etc., explicitly mentioned. That said, there is a reference to “Gloria”‘s lines of Oh Lord, if I had anything/Anything at all/I’d give it to you with the lines I will give you everything/I will give you my desire, and the (holy?) spirit “of the rising sun”, possibly a pun of sorts on the resurrection, is also referred to. Essentially, Bono never spells out who the love in this song is for, and ironically a search on Three Sunrises seems to reveal nothing either. Too much of a one-off for any album, “The Three Sunrises” is nonetheless worth a listen.


~ by 4trak on May 4, 2008.

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