Endless Deep

Predating The Unforgettable Fire but nonetheless containing the element of darkness that would typify that album’s most sombre moments, “Endless Deep”‘s sole lyrics – where do we go from here? – essentially make for a powerful line. Cast out in isolation amidst the arrangement, it’d be fitting for UF, but the song is almost entirely instrumental otherwise across its three minutes (a possible factor), and for whatever reason is unfortunately left to languish on the “Two Hearts Beat As One” single and the band’s first Best Of. In addition, Adam sings that one line, and whilst he’s far from brilliant technically, the uncertain, tremulous and slightly fearful delivery do actually work fairly well.

He also provides the real centrepiece to the song, the bassline, and it’s a good ‘un. There’s a real drive and momentum behind it and the drums, suggesting that the protagonist’s question is rhetorical, and he/she knows exactly where they’re going from “here”. Keyboards, guitars and piano swirl and echo around it like objects and landscapes flashing past the window of a train, until finally that bassline is reduced to just one note, speeding up, pushing the (somewhat helplessly inarticulate) individual towards whatever grim fate awaits them. And then it ends – we have no idea what has happened to this individual, although the title suggests either entering a kind of Hell-like underworld, or maybe suicide, and ending of the “endless deep” of the character’s nihilism. In any event, powerful stuff.


~ by 4trak on May 1, 2008.

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  1. […] a poem by John F. Dean over bits of what would become “New Year’s Day” and “Endless Deep” (apparently this is from a 1979 bootleg of demos entitled “Driving To Midnight […]

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