Boomerang II

i.e. the actual b-side song, as opposed to the somewhat less developed, shorter, similar (thus not really warranting analysis of its own) and instrumental “Boomerang I” that was also a b-side to “Pride”. As for said song, it is itself not quite where it could be – it’s kind of stranded between something genuinely funky and, well, Level 42. Essentially, it sounds like it could get seriously freeform, but somehow Adam’s prominent (but still good) bass remains tethered. All of which perhaps explains why it was relegated to b-side status and didn’t appear on The Best Of 1980-1990‘s otherwise very worthwhile b-sides disc.

There’s also the fact that the song sounds too earthy and lively for Unforgettable Fire, too. Edge’s backing vocals, which are well sang but lyrically ghastly – soul wind blow – are more than made up by Bono having a crack at being James Brown in a proto-Rattle and Hum style; he puts expression ahead of message on this song, only briefly explaining the title with the lines Come on and say ‘come back’/For thee long way/Throw thee away. It’s all damn spirited though, both catchy and tragic. Overall, then, it’s a mixed result – two band members pass with distinction, but not excellence, about a B; Bono passes highly – say an A-, and Edge, surprisingly, makes little impression.


~ by 4trak on April 29, 2008.

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