Pride (live)

It’s slightly quicker, it has more crowd noise and general reverb, but it’s hard to see exactly why this track is on Rattle And Hum. It’s pretty much a run-through of what was (even then) a well-established part of the U2 canon. Even Edge’s solo seems a bit rushed, as though the band has a quota or target to reach. The one major change is the breakdown, before Bono intones “for the Reverend Martin Luther King…sing”. Of course, the original’s a more than good enough song already, and the performance is by no means bad, or even for that matter, average or dull. Our lives are hardly worse for this song existing, which is more than can be said for some modern chart songs. The essential problem, like that of, say, “Freedom For My People“, is that of redundancy – there’s just no reason for me to listen to this whilst the Unforgettable Fire (studio) version exists.


~ by 4trak on April 28, 2008.

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