Things To Make And Do

U2 don’t seem to do many instrumentals anymore – not that they did many in the first place, but all the same, it’s something that seemed to slip off the U2 repertoire around 1985. Yet the instrumentals they did make were never that bad – true, none of them ranked amongst the best of the 80s canon either. “Things To Make And Do”, coming in at slightly over two minutes, compositionally cycles through a few riffs and beats, but it’s typical of what the band did with their instrumentals, namely, in that they truly let go of all trace of earthiness. The song sounds like it floats above huge green valleys, ringing out and bouncing across the hills. Naturally, this is mostly Edge’s doing with the delay pedal, although the rhythm section gives it a suitable drive and urgency that would otherwise definitely be lacking. “Things To Make And Do” isn’t revelatory, then, but it is a solid and worthy b-side.


~ by 4trak on April 25, 2008.

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  1. […] 6, 2008 What I identified with regard to U2 instrumentals on “Things To Make And Do” holds fairly true here, with warm bass tones, swirling slides and ringing guitar all making […]

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