A Different Kind of Blue

Not really U2 at all, but it’s on a U2 album all the same. With pulsing bass synth, light clanging and clear/distorted multitracked vocal, it doesn’t sound much like Brian Eno’s typical ambient as seen on Ambient 1 either. Ultimately, “A Different Kind of Blue” isn’t as thrilling a track as it could be; it’s low-key to the point of barely being there, and it’s a song that at least should have featured edge. At two minutes, with minimal vocals and barely any kind of real structure – just a static arrangement (befitting, somewhat, of the lyrics – we drift/we glide), it sounds like an intention interlude too, lacking any real sense of ambition or purpose.

More interesting, then, is the “film” the song “soundtracks”, described in the liner notes, of a couple moving into a new apartment and finding their lives slowly starting to travel backwards, improving their looks, returning them to their old jobs, and finding renewed passion in their relationship, like some rough version of The Time Traveller’s Wife. Seriously, any film director reading this: check the damn liner notes. There’s potentially brilliant films in there.


~ by 4trak on April 25, 2008.

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