Ito Okashi

One of the least U2-sounding songs to involve U2, possibly, although how much Bono, Adam or Larry were involved I’m not sure; it’s possibly more of an Edge and Eno production. That said, a great thread of shivering tremolo sounds ripple through the track, with distant bells chiming, all giving the impression of an Oriental lake with a light breeze passing over it. The liner notes speak of the “film” this song “soundtracks” (the film being a fake, by the way – see the reference to the “face of a child” on the Zooropa cover) objects, more precisely, beautiful things (“ito okashi” in Japanese) being gathered together and then wrecked. The wrecking isn’t portrayed here, though – sounds become more concrete, but never turn violent. Perhaps the flaw of the track is the lack of tension, with an absence of even a brief rise in the music or vocals from Japanese singer Holi. Indeed, Holi’s contribution, solid as it is, gets somewhat assimilated into the whole. A good song, but unlike the best songs/tracks off Original Soundtracks 1, it probably requires a certain mood or context to appreciate.


~ by 4trak on April 19, 2008.

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