Another Day

Released in February 1980, and not seen on any studio album (and not any compilation I currently know of, either), “Another Day” was the second and last single U2 made on early label CBS (although apparently CBS got release rights for several years afterwards in Ireland, even whilst the band went on to become a chart-topping act internationally.) and was naturally given a small vinyl release and done on a small budget. Certainly, that explains much about the song – whilst it very much sounds like Boy era U2, there’s something muted about it that very much suggests a small indie band making the odd adjustment to a well-practiced demo. You wouldn’t put this on ATYCLB, that’s for sure, and it’s another lost song with just five official live performances (although how many 70s ones remain uncertain).

As U2 singles go, “Another Day” isn’t a critical part of the U2 chronology, but it does nonetheless capture the band in an interesting pre-album phase; the final point of the band, that is, before they went on to become a proper recording band. Larry at this stage has had years of experience behind him, so it’s no coincidence that his drumming stands out as the strongest aspect of the single. Adam, having bluffed his way into getting a band role just over three years previously, had now become a competent bassist. Edge had actually recently acquired the Memory Man echo unit that would inform the classic delay sound of 1980s U2, although here, he hasn’t really pulled off anything spectacular with it. Bono was perhaps most behind in terms of progress, apparently having an aversion to writing lyrics at this point, and it shows somewhat – the lyrics are abstract, mentioning plenty of references to waking up, children playing, and the dawn of another dull day, but the whole song doesn’t really coalesce into anything in particular. The repeated sections and lines also express a slight lack of ideas. Not a bad song, ultimately, but not really a finished one, either.


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