In God’s Country

“In God’s Country” was actually the fourth single from The Joshua Tree, something that’s remarkably easy to forget given the three titans that preceded it (it also, incidentally, charted much lower than too – two #1s, “Streets” reaching #13, this reaching #44 in the US). The song isn’t actually as immediately gripping either; on a musical and lyrical level, it’s possibly the one song off Joshua Tree that sounds most like it’s off Joshua Tree. Whilst not actually bad or subpar, it is nonetheless Exhibit A in why the middle order of the album can’t quite compete with the first or last third.

Indeed, like most of the album, “In God’s Country” is an honest portrayal of America, which would appear to be the female character of the song – although the imagery is somewhat abstract. We’re told that the woman is like a “siren”, of her “vanity”, and of an attitude that the greatest gift is gold, very likely a skewering of Reaganomics. Perhaps the best image of the song is that of “crooked crosses” – religious imagery aside, it suggests that whilst America is a flawed country, with possibly a distorted self-image, it nonetheless is a nation of high and worthy ideals (Christlike ideals?) in its politics and culture.


~ by 4trak on April 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “In God’s Country”

  1. My favorite off of Joshua Tree. Great imagery conveyed. Of course I’m from the desert, so that may be why I like it.

  2. Irony of ironies, I’m actually in a leafy British suburb.

  3. […] the average Joshua Tree fan is probably more than ready for the song to rip into a solo a la “In God’s Country“, but they don’t get it, instead receiving that reverb into finality. The song’s […]

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