Wild Honey

Coming after “In A Little While”, Wild Honey can’t quite compare to what is one of U2’s best latter-day ballads. Nonetheless, it’s one of the songs that demonstrates the diversity of U2 as a band; it’s actually fairly whimsical and upbeat, and definitely doesn’t fall within the severity of Joshua Tree territory.

Perhaps two points to make: firstly, the protagonist is not simply referred to as “honey”, which has the potential to be incredibly, epically cliched, but instead as wild honey, suggesting an individual who is at least carefree, a “free spirit”, and possibly, when excessive, possibly nihilistic or uncaring. The lines I’m still standing, I’m still standing/Where you left me may suggest that the character may even have a degree of irresponsibility at times. Luckily it seems to be countered by a genuine sincerity: From the cruel sun/You were shelter/You were my shelter and my shade.

Secondly, this seems to be the acoustic number on ATYCLB, providing a continuity of sorts along with “Staring At The Sun” on Pop and “A Man and a Woman” on HTDAAB. Indeed, with all three songs there seems to be a chugging swing of sorts that seems to add some drive to otherwise more delicate material.


~ by 4trak on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wild Honey”

  1. Bono said this was the most “pop” song they had ever written.

    Looks like I might be the first to comment on this blog.

    I look forward to following this as I have PopSongs 08 for R.E.M.

  2. Good point – which actually raises the question of whether it should have been a late summer single. Certainly I’d have dropped “Walk On” and had something lower down the album.

    Another thing I forgot – the Beach Boys reference – apparently it was the first album not to have Brian Wilson as band leader. But I’m not a fan, so I excuse myself.

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